Thursday, April 16, 2009


My sister and her friend came down to get my extra coupons. They were able to spend several hours with us. They spent some time going threw my coupon book as well, taking what ever coupons they wanted out of it. It was a wonderful visit.

rite aid or bust

I happen to go to rite aid. Here are the items I bought

13 Memtos
10 Ziploc bags
10 kotex
6 Sauve shampoos
4 Rite aid toothbrushes
3 Gain fabric softners
2 Polident tablets
2 Dixie plates
2 Swiffer dusters
1 Swiffer wet sweeper pad refills
1 Swiffer dry sweeper pad refills
1 Swiffer sweeper
1 Bounty napkins
1 Slush puppie bars

Total $110.80
oop $37.58

I was pleased

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mailbox fun

Here is a picture of 8 coupons 2 for kotex and 6 for Kellogg's one box free. That wasn't all i got in the mail. My All You magazine came today. I love coupons
The dog looks good. He's mking sure that his part doesn't get taken away. This is most of what I bought at krogers today. There is 2 Freshella pizza, 2 sister rolls, 2 bird eye veg. and 4 green giant veg. missing. My total for all this came to $361.05 total out of pocket was $187.21 I will get a $20.00 rebate for the ham and unilever items. We are getting ready for that big dinner for our daugther graduation. Sorry the picture is so bad
These are my free or nearly free

.45 each

These are just some of the best deals today

Secret deodrant $2.00 each coupons 3 for $2.00 and 3 for $1.00 each making them .50.
Dry Idea deodrant $2.00 each and $2.00 coupon making it free
Ziploc bags $2.49 each coupons buy 2/$1.00, and 1 coupon at .40 making them $1.89.
Bounty paper towels .95 each coupon .25 each bought 13 paid .45 a roll.


here is a list of the things i did the best on
Birds eye veg. $2.49 each coupons buy 2/$2.50 then 4 coupons at 1.50 each making each one come out to .74 each.
Green giant veg. $1.00 each coupons buy 2/.50 making them .50 each.
Franks red hot sauce $1.15 each one free coupon 1 coupon for .50 making them .07 each
Splenda $4.89 each coupons buy 2/$3.00 and another for $1.00 making them $2.98 each.
Milky way mini $3.00 a bag coupon .50 making them $2.00
Eight O'clock Coffee $5.29 coupons one free, 1 buy 2/$2.50, 1 for $1.00 making them $2.34 each.
Peppridge farm cin. bread $3.69 each 1coupon 2/$2.00, and 1 coupon for $1,00 each making them $2.19 .
Kelloggs cereal $2.18 coupons buy 2/$1.50, and 4 coupons at .50 making them .82 a box.
Swifter sweeper $9.99 coupon $5.00 making it $4.99

Monday, April 13, 2009

my husband is ready to kill me

We spent part of the morning hunting coupon inserts. You can see from the picture that we did really well. It took about 6 hr. to cut them all out. My sister will come to get all the one i don't use. Then my daugther in-law will go over to my sisters and pick up what she doesn't use.
the first is the give away pile

this one will go into my coupon book

last weeks and this weeks