Friday, July 3, 2009

Here is another 12 packs of stayfree maxi pads. Total paid $1.44. That makes 32 packs in all this week. Most will be given away some my daugther will us.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can you believe another month has come and gone. Happy 4th july hope each of you have a blessed one.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rite aide and Family Dollar

In this picture there are 20 packs of stayfree pads. I paid $2.40 for all of them. I also stopped at the Family Dollar and got $47.69 of items and paid $15.66. IF you add all the items together I would have paid $127.69 total out of pocket $18.06. That's not all Rite aid has a deal if you buy $50.00 certain products you will receive a $25.00 Gift Card. The stayfree pads are one of those. That's a $25.00 gift card for $2.40.

Monday, June 29, 2009 Today I recieved a treat in the mail from Kashi. It was a soft-baked blackberry cereal bar. It was soft, chewie, and tasted great. Kashi also sent coupons. I got 1 for a free box and 4 more a $1.50 off per box. Thanks so much Kashi.

Today's haul was a good one. It was enough to keep me busy all day! I still haven't got them all stapled together. Here is hoping all of you the best.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kroger's is still running they're 10 Mix or Match get $3.00 off. I'll put down what it will be if you by 10 items mixed or match.

General mills

cheerios $2.19 coupon $1.00 makes $1.19
Pop tarts $2.19 insert 6/7 coupon $.55 and coupon from kroger mailer $1.00/2 makes them $1.69
cinnamon toast crunch $2.19 insert 6/7 coupon $1.00/3

Purex Laundry and fabric softener

purex laundry $2.19 each coupon $.35 double to .70 =$1.49
purex fabric softener $2.19
I understand when you buy 2 bottles you get a $2.00 on your next order

Cola Products

20 pack of coke products $5.49 coupon $1.00

Frito lay

Fritos lay $1.38
Cheetos $1.38 coupon from Kroger's mail out .50 makes them .38

Kraft barbecue sauce $.69 coupon $1.00 /2 makes them .19 each
Kroger salad dressing $.94 coupon from Kroger's mail out .35
Betty Crocker fruit snacks $1.49 coupon $.50 makes them .49 each
Banquet meals .70 no coupon
Betty crocker brownie mix $1.69 coupon $1.00/2 makes them $1.19
Orville Redenbarker $1.69 no coupon
Hefty Trash Bags $4.69 coupon $1.00 makes $3.69
Nabisco Ritz $2.19 buy one get a free Wheat thins
Totinos Pizza rolls $2.99 insert 6/7 coupon .50 making them $1.99
Velveeta Cheese $4.19 no coupon
Pillsbury Grands Biscuits $1.19 coupon .50 on 3 makes them .74
Country Crock $1.69 coupon .50 = .69 each
Windex Glass Cleaner $2.19 each coupon .50 makes them $1.19 each
Reynolds wrap $2.99 insert 6/7 coupon .55/2 makes them $2.72

If you can't find the coupons use The Coupon Clippers or The Coupon Masters

Check for Kroger's sales

Don't forget to check southern savers for all the new sales. Check becentable to.
Yesterday dinner was wonderful. When the good Lord made mommy he made the greatest cook. Only part of us were there 22 of us were there and 12 more just missed it. Mom made a chocolate cake with Carmel icing, blackberries dumplings for dessert. My sister had bought a iced cookie too. There was a ham, fried chicken, peas, corn on the cob and cream style corn, mashed potatoes. Mom had Cole slaw and a veg. salad. It makes me hungry just to write it down. I think I have told you every thing. Here is hopping each of your families love.