Saturday, March 21, 2009

i've spent most of the afternoon working on matching my coupons with the weekly circular from kmart. Tomorrow, KMart Starts accepting double coupons. They will double up to a $2.oo coupon. If you go to kmart site you can sign up for a $5.00 coupon off of a $50.00 purchase. They will be having a good sell on cleaning supplies, shampoo, and ziplock containers. kmart says they will take printable coupons. You can go to southern savers website where they give the site address to kmart policy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

i hope all the couponers out there are checking out all these coupon blogs, they are so much help you learn all the things you need to know about couponing. there are two great blogger buttons on this site click on them and check thier blogs out.
today has been cool, but sunny here. we are planning a trip to our son and daughter in law's house next weekend. My husband, son, and grandson are going to the truck pull. i can't wait to post pictures of thier adventure. My daughter in law and I will in fill our time couponing, like me she loves to coupon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today i made three chocolate pies, did the laundry,checked on my neighbors and best of all my parents stopped by. We so enjoyed they're visit i was able to give my dad some dog food that i got free at walmart yesterday. I went to get science diet dog food at walmart but they don't carry that here. instead they had iams dog food. well that was better i had 9-$5.00 coupons for the puppy food, guess what the price of iams was! you guessed it $5.00 for a 5lb. bag. well i got 9 bags free and while i was there i had coupon from the" all you" magazine for free eye products and a coupon for a free bottle of cascade rinse agent. well any way when they were done ringing it up they had to get the management to approve my purchase. I also bought other stuff so i needed to pay them $12.00 I liked all of this i don't think walmart did.

see i told you i would learn to take pictures and down load them to my blog. Here is some of my stock pile.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hi! its so great out today. I went to the eye dr. today, I spent $27.00 for the check up and new glasses. Thank the good Lord for eye insurance! I had a great first couponing trip to WalMart. I bought a total of $69.68 in merchandise and paid $13.21 after coupons. On my second trip, I bought $20.88 worth and spent $12.06 after coupons. Now that was a great way for the day to begin. Next we were off to krogers. I had to buy meats so that put the hurt on couponing, but any way I spent $332.62 in groceries and only paid $170.62 after my coupons. I guess that i saved enough on glasses to afford the other.