Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today i made three chocolate pies, did the laundry,checked on my neighbors and best of all my parents stopped by. We so enjoyed they're visit i was able to give my dad some dog food that i got free at walmart yesterday. I went to get science diet dog food at walmart but they don't carry that here. instead they had iams dog food. well that was better i had 9-$5.00 coupons for the puppy food, guess what the price of iams was! you guessed it $5.00 for a 5lb. bag. well i got 9 bags free and while i was there i had coupon from the" all you" magazine for free eye products and a coupon for a free bottle of cascade rinse agent. well any way when they were done ringing it up they had to get the management to approve my purchase. I also bought other stuff so i needed to pay them $12.00 I liked all of this i don't think walmart did.

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