Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday inserts

Today began with coupon insert hunt. Believe me it paid off. Not only is my coupon book to full but this is the left overs. There are always a lot more than I can use. My family and friends and I have started a coupon train.

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  1. Ok, so I haven't even had the chance to go thru the bag I picked up this weekend! My Sunday paper is still wrapped in plastic laying on my kitchen counter, my coupon book is full of expired coupons that need to be sent to the Military families along with the other 3 gallon ziploc bags!

    MAY, MAY, MAY UGH! We normally have beautiful weather (except this spring YUK!)Did every weekend have to be filled with holidays, celebrations, or activities? Not to mention the grass grows at the speed of at least 1 inch an hour it seems. Forgot to plant the tomatoe plants, now they look like they are dying.... Oh, how the list goes on! Is it possible to split me in half? I could really use 2 of me about right now! LOL!