Thursday, June 4, 2009

daugther in-law

My daugther in-law called the other day to see why I hadn't been blogging. The truth is I have been so depressed. My baby graduated from collage. It was too much for me. I had thought all this time i ready for her to grow up. Guess what: i wasn't. The thing that has helped the most is worm hunting. My daugther and I went hunting for nightcrawlers, you know those things are really fast. Now don't get me wrong I hate worms and so does she. My dad had wanted nightcrawlers to fish with. i found out there are all kinds of them in our yard and the neighbors yards. So what would you do but go nightcrawler hunting. We screamed a lot we dropped a lot. In other words my daugther and i had a lot of fun.

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