Thursday, February 11, 2010

Its been ages since my last post. In the past year I have learned so much about couponing. My sister in-law says I need treatment for my couponing addition. May so but my cabinets are stocked I have been able to help other people in my family.
Our daugther was married in Sept. my sister, daugther in-law and myself were able to see that she had enough food and cleaning supplies to last for a month. That was a gift to her. Our daugther has taken to couponing like a duck to water. Someone asked her why she has so much food in her cabinets she told them if she loses her job tomorrow she will have food to eat for at least a month.
I ask everyone to use coupons and most of time they're answer is it will take to long I don't have enough time. Then there are those who think we are stealing from the stores. We all know that we aren't. The only thing a couponer's does is try to feed they're family and have enough money left over to pay all the other bills.
So today I will try to start blogging again about couponing and rebates.

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